What Is The Best Material For Deck Railing Systems?

Deck Railing Systems

Sometimes it can be overwhelming beginning with a new do-it-yourself build, especially when it comes to large projects for deck railing systems. That’s because a railing system needs to be safe and functional. But if you’re taking the initiative to build your deck, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We suggest breaking down into a step-by-step process, beginning to consider the selection of materials.

Although choosing a railing material seems simple, they carry a wide variety of products that can make your choice difficult. Keep in mind that it’s essential to choose a railing system material for your deck that ensures comfort and safety. Consider what features are most important for you. 

Depending on your prioritization such as appearance, durability, maintenance or cost, there are a lot of features to look for before you buy. Alumiguard MFG is always close to you to help you choose the best product with the best quality. In addition, to make your life easier we’ve created a guide to help you choose the best materials for your deck railing systems. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each railing materials.

Steel Railing Systems

FeaturesSteel Deck Railing
Strong & DurableYes
Colour SelectionYes
Easy InstallationNo

Steel is a heavy-duty metal to choose for your railing system project. Steel railings are superior when it comes to strength, meaning that they are also a durable choice. However, they have several drawbacks. First, since it is quite heavy, it makes the installation difficult. If you’re considering installing it yourself, you need to be extremely careful and mindful of safety throughout the process. 

Then, another disadvantage is that they lack versatility. Steel railings are not easily modified, meaning they can be a headache when you’re trying to fit your deck shape. Lastly, on-site modifications can be troublesome and don’t forget that cutting steel may require special tools. Considering these factors, we recommend you leave it to Alumiguard MFG professional manufacturers and installers. 

Wood Railing Systems

FeaturesWood Deck Railing
Strong & DurableYes
Colour SelectionYes
Weather ResistantNo
Low Maintenance No

Wood Railings are a classic rustic look, but the biggest disadvantage is the maintenance. That’s because it can be time-consuming. Wood requires even higher maintenance when it is exposed to various weather conditions. If you want to keep your railings from looking worn, it is necessary for regular upkeep with sanding, staining or painting. 

However, one benefit of regular maintenance is that you have a variety of colours and wood stains to choose from. Unfortunately, wood railings are not ideal for humid and wet climates. So if you’re concerned about maintenance and weather resistance we at Alummiguar MFG recommend considering a different material for your deck railing systems.

Vinyl Railings

FeaturesVinyl Deck Railing
Easy InstallationYes
Low Maintenance Yes
Weather ResistantYes
Colour SelectionYes

Vinyl railings are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is light and affordable material. Vinyl is considered fairly low maintenance because of it’s smooth surface, making it easy to clean. Fortunately, vinyl railing systems are straightforward and easy to install. Considering all your railing system options, vinyl meets most of the important criteria. However, it may not be suited for all temperatures. Certain weather conditions can weaken it. Additionally, painting vinyl railings are limited to the colour choices provided by the manufacturer.

Aluminum Railings

FeaturesAluminum Deck Railing
Strong & DurableYes
Easy InstallationYes
Weather ResistantYes
Low MaintenaceYes
Colour SelectionYes

Aluminum is a light-weight but durable material to use for your deck railing systems. It will eliminate heavy lifting. In fact, aluminum weighs one third the amount of steel which makes the installation much easier. It even allows producers to assemble more parts for you such as welded panels, meaning less work for you.

Aluminum railings can be powder coated. It is a great benefit because powder coating is an effective method that makes your railings resistant to extreme temperatures. Whether rain, snow or sun you don’t have to worry about your aluminum railings. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re seeking a low maintenance railing material. You can also customize the colour of the powder coating to create the perfect shade. Lastly, we recommend aluminum railings because they are affordable, especially when it comes to maintenance costs.

Alumiguard MFG, as suppliers of Aluminum railings, we believe in our products and their various benefits. Contact us if you want more information about our railings.

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