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Glass Services: Alumiguard will design, fabricate, and deliver your entire glass railing system. With state of the art technology and innovation, Alumiguard can be your one-stop-shop for glass railing. Our expert designers will work with you to create a custom-designed glass system. It can be for your balcony, stairway, pool, or anywhere else.

Alumiguard MFG then fabricates the glass panels with low iron starphire glass and delivers directly to your house. The sleek, modern alternative to traditional glass systems. Strong and reliable tempered and laminated glass panels to never block the view.

Glass Railing Post System

The glass post railing systems are made up of metal posts and glass clips. Each clip is made from 2205 duplex stainless steel and it grips the glass panels from both sides using rubber.

Use the clips with normal glass or secure them with a bolt. Almost every post comes with a handrail bracket. Wooden or metal handrail can be attached to. Choose between a flat top or universal top handrail to decide whether it sits flush against the top of the post. Also, it can be elevated above it.

Glass Railing Standoff Pins

Polished, powerful and discreet. The standoff bracket pin system consists of glass panels held up by metal pins. The pins look small but don’t underestimate them. Each weighs about 4 pounds and is made from stainless steel. This kind of material is usually used in high traffic metal structures. The best thing about this system is that there are no bulky metal pieces to get in the way of your view.

Glass Railing Base Rail System

A thin piece of metal is used to make up the glass base rail system. It runs along the bottom of the railing, holding up each glass panel. The top of the glass panels can act as the handrail. So there’s no need to add a metal or wood handrail. But, for a sleeker and finished look, a slender metal railing cap can be added to the top of the panels.

Glass Railing Talon Spigots

This system is made up of glass panels and spigot clamps. Talons come in two configurations. Side mount and surface mount. You need to use at least two talons for every 4’ glass panel.

  • Side mount spigots attach to the side of the glass panels. 
  • Surface mount spigots attach the glass from the bottom.

Ascend Glass Talon Spigots

If you want the look of the Surface Mount Talons for the staircase we suggest you choose Ascend Talons. Each talon is a taller and stronger version of our products. Specially built to hold glass panels in place. Ascend Talons are made from aluminum and can be coated any colour you prefer. Install the talons by putting a hole in the glass, then secure the talon. The procedure of installation is the same as a standoff pin. Ascend Talons are the perfect budget choice for your modern home… affordable, strong and versatile.

Frameless Glass Deck Railing Systems

Our exterior frameless glass railing combines modern luxury, design and safety in a modular system. At Alumiguard MFG, our frameless glass railing system includes a complete hardware line of door hinges, latches, floor lock, glass to glass clamps and spigot. Our frameless glass railing is designed to maximize your view.

Is Glass Railing Safe?

When you are using the correct type of glass, it can be a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses. Note: It’s good to check for local requirements for each of the following aspects:

  • Glass & Thickness
  • Railing Heights
  • Handrails and Toprails
  • Mounting Surfaces

Another thing to consider when it comes to glass railing safety is whether you’re planning on using a handrail or top cap om the railings. A handrail is a graspable structure. It usually protrudes out from the glass or sits over the glass. It needs to be strong enough to offer support for someone who wants to hold onto it.

Alumiguard MFG Glass Railings: Safe & Clean

We hope that you’ve learned a lot about our Glass Railing services and options. Remember that our priority is to provide you with the highest quality products and services. However, don’t hesitate to consult with us and decide what type, thickness and height are best for your project.

If you’d like to talk to our team of experts, fill out our contact form, email, or call us at (416) 740-7444

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