Picket Railings

When considering railings whether commercial or for residential purposes, both homeowners and business owners share a common desire: to ensure that the product they are investing in possesses qualities of durability, easy installation, unobstructed views, and above all, safety. A picket railing system not only encompasses all these advantages but also offers a cost-efficient solution.

Glass Railings

AlumiguardMFG offers a diverse array of glass railing systems tailored for your balconies, stairs, decks, and porches. Elevating both the aesthetics and coziness of your residence or business, our glass railings seamlessly integrate with your outdoor setting. Crafted to provide a secure barricade, they harmoniously blend with the beauty of nature. We offer options of both framed and frameless glass railings.

Sound Proof Barrier

Our user-friendly soundproof barriers offer a convenient alternative for sound dampening in your area. Engineered with fiberglass, these barriers effectively block and absorb sound energy. Among our sought-after choices, fiberglass sound barriers stand out as a top selection for noise prevention. We present soundproofing solutions ideally suited for your outdoor environment.