Aluminum fence installation in Toronto

At Alumiguard MFG, aluminum fence, we ensure your fences make a bold statement. We are here to offer superior quality aluminum fence installation at an affordable price. We do both residential and commercial aluminum fencing.

An aluminum fence is highly recommended due to its durability and stylish option for any homeowner who is looking to define their yard without blocking the view. Our aluminum fence selection includes many versatile fences and types that are on the market. From the backyard to the pool, garden to outdoor, aluminum fencing will match any terrain and architectural style.

Aluminum fence types we offer in North York, Toronto:


  • Backyard fences
  • Deck Fences
  • Garden Fences
  • Outdoor Fences
  • Pool Fences
  • Privacy Fences
  • Fence Aluminum Gates


Aluminum Fences

Alumiguard MFG fence builders install some of the most durable residential and commercial aluminum fences in the industry. We are a name that you can trust for excellent customer service and superior quality products at a great price. Our fence contractors are ready to assist you in every step necessary in creating an aluminum fence that will last a lifetime.

Aluminum fences are becoming more and more popular in North York, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto and Ontario. Alumiguard MFG fences offer the beauty and protection of other types of fences, along with other attractive features:


  • Will, not rust, corrode, warp, deteriorate, split or weather
  • Do not require annual maintenance, such as painting
  • Are available in a variety of styles, colours, grains and heights

Our residential aluminum fences are an excellent choice for security and protection. Additionally maintaining a perfect neighbour-friendly feel. With a unique blend of strength, style and aesthetic beauty, Alumiguard MFG superior quality aluminum fences are designed for long durability.

Our expert fence contractors go above and beyond our competition to ensure that all aluminum fence installations are done on time and on budget.

Alumiguard MFG also has an outstanding reputation in the industry for effectively installing other types of fences:


  • Vinyl fences
  • Custom fences
  • PVC fences
  • Chain-link fences
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Wooden fences


The Versatility of Aluminum Fencing

You can place an aluminum fence anywhere. Do you need a fence for your backyard, but it’s sloped? No problem! Our fences are designed to conform to any terrain of your backyard. There is no terraforming required for most installations, because of their ability to run over an uneven perimeter with a minimal effort. It will look professional, clean and beautiful regardless of the uneven ground we are working on to install your aluminum fence.


Aluminum Fences are Low Maintenance

There is little maintenance required, that’s because aluminum fences resist the weather very well. Usually, for other types of fences, you’ll need to paint or coat them every year. But, aluminum fences come prefabricated with a durable and resistant coating.

The only maintenance that is occasionally required is washing. However, we know that washing an aluminum fence is simple work to do. As we mentioned, due to the protective coating, dirt and dust can hardly stick to aluminum fences.


Aluminum Fence Panels in a Variety of Styles

Alumiguard MFG makes sure for you to find the perfect style for your needs with our variety of aluminum fence panels. We offer commercial fences perfect for your business and office complexes. Also, our residential fences provide you with the best quality and efficiency for every homeowner. Do you want to let your dogs roam the yard? Well, our puppy fences are the perfect choice for that. Don’t forget to check out our pool fences and gates!

We’ve built and shipped thousands of aluminum fences to customers over the years. We make it a point to build a long-term relationship with as many customers as we can as we feel to serve everyone who needs aluminum fencing.


Quick and Easy Installation

Aluminum fences have a quick and easy installation process, unlike other fences that can take weeks to install. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, meaning there is no hassle picking heavy materials during installation. They are straightforward to install. All that needs to be done is place posts in the ground and then attach the panels.


About Alumiguard MFG Fencing


The cost of a fence comprises of the material and the labour cost. The material is always the dominant one. Some choose wrought iron for its beauty, but it is an expensive option. On the other hand, wood can be an affordable material, but many ignore its maintenance cost when they start selecting. The maintenance of a wood fence will increase your cost in the long term. Its maintenance includes sanding, staining and painting.

However, if you’re looking for a balance in terms of both initial and maintenance costs, we highly recommend Aluminum Fences. Although you will find it more expensive than wood, it will save you money in the long run due to low maintenance.


Despite the quality of the fence, who wouldn’t want to be good-looking? More prefer the expensive wrought iron because of the attractive look. But many are unaware of the similar classic look that aluminum fence provides. You have to see it to believe it!


There is no need to compromise on quality. The strength of a fence is a vital factor to consider when choosing the material. While iron provides desired durability, wood requires regular maintenance to be in good condition.

If manufactured properly, an aluminum fence will provide you with the same strength as iron, at a low cost.


Most homeowners now tend to keep their home as eco-friendly as possible. Aluminum fences will help you live green outdoors too.


Alumiguard MFG – Best Aluminum Fence Manufacturer in Toronto & GTA

Working with us on your custom aluminum fence project, from the manufacturing process to the installation is easy for us – whether you have accurate drawings and blueprints, or you’ll start from scratch, and just have a picture as an inspiration taken from your favourite home magazine, blog, or Instagram.

We are insured and boned when it comes to the installation of the aluminum fences in your Toronto home. Our installation professionals are not only well versed in metal railings and fences but in the building code too.

Out client service difference at Alumiguard MFG:


  • Free no-obligation in-home consultation
  • We will work off your architects’ drawings, or create ones for you
  • Accurate detailed estimates
  • Knowledgeable installers


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