Exterior Railings

Exterior metal railings improve the appearance of any home. It improves the appearance and value of your home. Our design and engineering professionals are changing the market by producing economical, safe, and high-quality outdoor aluminum railings.

Why do you need Exterior Railings?

Did you know that an outside railing guard is required if you have a porch, deck, steps to a basement, or other raised surface with a drop of more than 23.62″? This is the law, as stated in the Ontario Building Code Protect your family and friends from injury and avoid insurance claims that will be denied by your insurance carrier.

Slips and falls have increased in recent years as online ordering has increased the number of delivery personnel dropping off at residential residences. Outdoor aluminum railings from Alumiguard MFG will keep you and others safe. Request that a professional aluminum railing installation business provide OBC-compliant railings.

Advantages of Using Aluminum for Outdoor Railings

Choosing the correct guard should be based not only on the OBC code but also on its appealing appearance, with clean lines and beautiful aspects that complement your home. Aluminum outdoor railings require little maintenance. They are simple to clean with only the greatest component, water. With good maintenance, they can endure for many years and are simple to repair if parts need to be replaced on-site. In most circumstances, there is no need to return to the store. Exterior aluminum railings may provide a beautiful place for entertaining in little or large locations.

Why Should You Use Alumiguard MFG Railings?

Alumiguard MFG Railings has been bringing beauty to the outdoors with stylish and aesthetically stunning exterior railings since 2002. Our products are used in residential, commercial, and low to mid-rise buildings throughout Ontario. Our exterior railings have been erected on porches, balconies, decks, and steps for many years.

With many years of industry experience and a cutting-edge manufacturing plant, our outdoor railings are well-known for meeting our client’s needs. Our showroom is constantly updated with new outside railings such as picket railings, glass railings, dividers, and a variety of artistic styles. Inquire with a competent installation company about which railings are best for you.

Alumiguard MFG RailingsDoesn’t Just Make Railings

Our outdoor solutions do not stop with outside railings; we have a wide range of different products to meet your outdoor demands. ALL aluminum fences and gates with flat tops and finial tops are available from us. Our products are manufactured from Aluminum and will not rust over time. If you have a pool, be sure to obtain a self-closing lock from our D&D product line.

Our Products

Do you require aluminum railings, glass dividers, vinyl dividers, and aluminum fences? We have a variety of styles to match the design of your home. We also provide deco railings.