Glass railings are a great way to turn your commercial spaces with a little effort into a beautiful full of class environment for you, your clients and your workers. To add the same effect on your building that the glass railing has, it may be required to spend a lot of money. Especially if your building has an industrial or modern design, the glass railings can have a big impact to improve the aesthetic of the place. 

The Advantages of Glass Railings in your Commercial Spaces

Glass railing doesn’t have only appearance benefits. Especially for commercial use, they can have many more advantages. Little maintenance, safety for the people that use the commercial space and especially for kids that are curious to look downstairs. Also, glass railings are eco-friendly, increases light and visibility and the main obvious one they improve the aesthetic appearance. 

The main advantages

  • Requires a Little Maintenance. The glass railing is the easiest one to maintain if you compare it with the wooden railing for example that needs constant attention in order to not require complete removal. With just a towel and soap all the glass railing appearance aesthetic will come back in a matter of time. 
  • Offers Safety and Durability. If you are dealing with big commercial spaces, installing glass railings can be a game-changer in terms of safety, appearance and organization of the place. If you are thinking about balconies nowadays glass railings are a must.
  • Increases Light and Visibility. In big commercial spaces, we all know how appreciated it is to be able to have natural light. Glass railings are perfect for letting some sun in. Also, glass railings can give the illusion of a bigger and open space. In balconies, the glass railings will be part of the view and not an obstacle.
  • Eco-friendly. If you care for the environment like everyone should be doing, using glass railings is a way to do that. Glass is a recyclable material, and this makes it possible that if you want to replace the glass railings later you can remove the old ones and save it for later use.  
  • Aesthetic Appearance. As we said earlier the most eye-catching thing about the glass railing is the elegance and sophistication that it adds to your building. Because of the various choices that you have with glass railings, you can choose them based on your building design.   

3 recommended railing systems

There are so many types of glass railing systems that you may choose. You are welcomed any time at our showroom where you can see by yourself some of the types of railing systems that we offer. Here are some recommended types that you can implement in your commercial spaces. For more examples, if you contact us, a specialist can help you to choose the perfect one. 

Base shoe

The base show style is one of the most elegant and chic glass railings that you may choose for your building. There are a few different styles of the base shoe railing style that you can decide based on your other design interior or exterior. It’s the most modern and transparent type of glass railing that offers a wider view and lets a lot of light in. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel glass railings are one of the most preferred types of glass railings that are currently used for commercial spaces. This has happened because of the many positive qualities that stainless steel has. We can give a lot of different forms and shapes to glass railings. Some examples like spheres or cylinders that can be used as the bottom, top rails or as covers for the edges. 

Also, the stainless steel glass railings are used mainly because they are very resistant to rust or different types of natural components. 


Standoffs are also a great elegant and minimalist choice to incorporate into your building. They are usually used at stairs, supported by stainless steel standoffs that hang off the side of the stairs structures. 

Outdoor Glass Railing Benefits

The outdoor railings are essential because of the improvements in the appearance of your building and because it adds so much in safety terms. Especially if you have pets or small children, glass railings are a way to provide safety to outdoor pools, decks or staircases. Also, they can work as a defensive barrier from external weather elements like rain, heavy snowfall or strong winds. You can always use tempered glass panels because they are designed to last the longest and do not break easily. 

Why Us?

Here at Alumiguard MFG, we aim to make the installation process as stress-free as possible. You will be working with certified and experienced staff that will handle your project from A to Z. We will sit together and decide everything related to the project, from the measurements, to design and locking systems. Our team of experts will arrive at your home at the designated time to perform the installation of your railings. 

We service Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton & other areas across the GTA.


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