Glass Railings in Vaughan

If you would like to add a barrier and/or protection to your exterior space, but not obstruct your view, then glass railings are your best option. They are elegant and fit seamlessly with any design or aesthetic. 

To produce them we use tempered glass. This type of glass is very durable and strong. You can install them on porches, balconies, poolsides, or stairways. They also provide a very sophisticated clean look to your exterior space.

We offer glass railing in two options, framed and frameless. The framed ones are glass panels that we combine with aluminum frames. They are one of our best sellers. On the other hand, frameless glass railings are glass panels without a frame. They provide you with a cleaner unobstructed view.

Benefits of Glass Railings in Vaughan

Alumiguard MFG offers quality railings for Vaughan homeowners and business owners at affordable prices. Aluminum glass railings are a great feature that provides security and increases the visual appeal of any exterior space. Furthermore, glass railings have a longer life span in comparison to wood railings. 

The long-lasting beauty of Glass Panel Railings also increases your property value when you add them to any of your exterior spaces. Vaughan homeowners choose aluminum railing systems because of their long-lasting qualities. 

Choosing railings from the aluminum profile has the benefit of choosing your own colors. Each piece of the railing is powder-coated in 7 main colors: Black, White, Commercial Brown, Charcoal, Clay, Warm beige, and Cashmere. 

Powdercoat Paint increases the life of the product by protecting the profile from UV and weather elements.

Whatever your vision for your exterior space is, we can offer you any style railing that will satisfy the most discerning tastes.AlumiguardMFG has a proven record of working on commercial and residential projects in Vaughan. 

Picket railings in Vaughan

One of the best options for low-maintenance railings is aluminum picket railings.

The aluminum picket railing system is preferred by both contractors and customers. This type of railing system will bring not only safety but also style to your exterior space. 

Why Choose Us!

Want to liven up your commercial space or home exterior space but aren’t sure what to do to make it appear more modern? When it comes to redesigning your commercial or home exterior space, glass railings are a popular alternative. As they provide owners with an opportunity to provide a more contemporary, elegant look to their exterior space.

Here at Alumiguard MFG, our goal is to make your railing process as stress-free as possible. You will work with our certified and experienced staff that will handle your project from start to finish. We strive to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable cost. The job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied!