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Thinking of installing a new railing railings system? Or replacing existing railings? We can help! Alumiguard MFG railings are offered in a variety of designs at a competitive price. We provide customers with quality products that exceed all expectations and we proudly serve in Toronto and the GTA.

We make sure to use only the best materials when installing your products. We’re happy only when you’re happy. With our aluminum railings, you get the beauty of wrought iron that lasts like aluminum. What separates us from competitors is our ability to produce high-quality orders with a custom design. With Alumiguard MFG you get the Experience, Expertise, Commitment and Customer Satisfaction. 

The people in the Greater Toronto Area consider Alumiguard MFG as one of the best aluminum railings manufacturers in Toronto and all of the GTA. Ever since Alumiguard MFG was founded, it only focused on providing enhanced and modern fences and aluminum railings.

We strive to innovate and lead the fence and aluminum railings manufacturing industry in Toronto and all the Greater Toronto Area. With our love to design, plan. Manufacture and install our products we want you to not be just a part of it but also the center of this process. Tell us what you want and need, and we’ll make sure everything to be done exactly how you want. 

We are proud to say that we are fully honoured whenever we provide our customers with affordable solutions merged with the best and high-quality products. 

Toronto Aluminum Manufacturing Services

Alumiguard MFG is an aluminum manufacturing specialist that produces a variety of products. Our products can not only unrivalled in terms of quality and performance but can be created in any style imaginable. We ensure a perfect fit with other architectural features of your property with our involvement in every step of the process. We assist our clients to develop initial concepts, and what’s most important is that we handle all aspects of aluminum manufacturing and installation of the finished products. Alumiguard MFG ensures that the whole process is completed as efficiently as possible and the aluminum products are of high quality. Also, the level of craftsmanship is superior to anything else found in Toronto and the GTA.

Design Process:

Alumiguard MFG allows you to view the product before it is manufactured. Our design staff utilizes some of the most advanced software to create a realistic representation of what your product will look like. What is even more exciting is that we also are able to show how well it would blend in with your property exterior. 

Aluminum Manufacturing:

Alumiguard MFG on its facility which is fitted with advanced automated systems. Our facility is automated in addition to assisting in the design process, reducing the likelihood of your product featuring a fault or an imperfection. It is almost zero percent, far lower than in any facility where aluminum products are handcrafted. Our advanced automated systems enable us to manufacture your product in far less time. And it also allows us to integrate custom design features with ease. 

Why You Should Opt for Aluminum Products in Toronto and GTA?

While Alumiguard MFG may be based as the premier aluminum manufacturing firm in Toronto, it is crystal clear that aluminum offers a large number of benefits. Especially when it is used to construct design elements that are installed inside and outside homes across the region. Here are some of the benefits:

Inherent Strength – Aluminum does not need reinforcing during the manufacturing process. It possesses enough strength resisting large amounts of pressure. It is also well suited to the cold temperatures of Toronto winters. 

Lightweight – As already established it makes it easier to handle and cheaper to dispatch to your location.

Doesn’t Corrode – Aluminum has a natural protective coating film that prevents it from corroding.

Variety of Finishes – It is possible to apple a number of different finishes to your product. The main techniques include anodizing, powder coating and liquid paint.

Seamless Composition – It is possible to manufacture complex designs in a single section that don’t contain joints. It will make the overall construction far stronger.

Longevity – Aluminum products can last for several decades with very little maintenance. 

At Alumiguard MFG we believe we have established an aluminum manufacturing close to being as perfect as possible. We also produce a wide range of products including railings, fencing, gates and privacy panels.

Aluminum Railings Toronto

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