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Summer is the perfect season to upgrade any interior railings, deck railings, or exterior glass railings that are in need of replacement. Your railings should provide good views of your home or outdoor area and be aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and safe. Alumiguard MFG provides its customers in Toronto and the GTA with a wide variety of railing systems starting with an aluminum railing system, glass railing system, and glass deck railings. The AlumiguardMFG team is dedicated to fulfilling all of our client’s project specifications and delivering top-notch customer service.

We are listing some of the main reasons why you should think of installing exterior glass railings:

1. Exterior Glass Railings Give You the Best Views

Wooden railings completely block your view. On a deck, balcony, or rooftop patio, you want unrestricted views of the outside. Exterior glass railings can help you see better by allowing you to see out from your private zone without being blocked. The transparency of glass can also contribute to the feeling of space and elegance in your living area.

2. It’s a Sustainable Option

Unlike other railing products, glass is recyclable and does not emit chemicals. Metals, for instance, can corrode over time and release hazardous substances. Glass is made without the need for mining or deforestation, unlike wood and metal. Additionally, it is entirely recyclable. An exterior glass railing is an environmentally beneficial solution for you. 

3. Exterior Glass Railing is Safe

Glass railings are extremely durable and safe. Instead of standard railings and banisters, the entire area is covered in glass. Without it, children and animals could try to squeeze through the gap between the railings and become stuck. The benefits of open vistas and greater aesthetics, as well as the increased safety they provide, make purchasing glass railings for your area a smart decision.

4. Glass is Simple to Keep Clean

In contrast to wood and other materials used for railings, glass is sleek and easy to maintain. You can maintain exterior glass railings clean by using a straightforward solution of water and dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, or even vinegar and water. Use distilled or filtered water if your water is hard to prevent water spots caused by the minerals in the water. 

5. Your Home’s Worth Will Increase

A home’s visual attractiveness and resale value will increase with the addition of glass to its interior and exterior design. Future buyers may be highly drawn to a stunning exterior staircase with glass railings. Glass railings will complement the modern, slick design of the current home market both inside and out. This implies that your house will maintain its worth and remain competitive in the market.

6. Glass is Resilient

According to the building industry requirements, the railing glass that we use for our railings is either tempered or laminated. That implies that it won’t crack readily. Since the glass being used is the same kind of safety glass that is on your automobiles, you can rely on its sturdiness and durability.

7. Cost-Effective Solution With Alumiguard MFG

Alumiguard MFG makes sure to provide you with the highest quality of exterior glass railings at an affordable price. Our professional team will stand by your side in every step of the process from start to finish. Your ideas will be considered, and we’ll make them a reality.

Hire Alumiguard MFG for the Best Exterior Glass Railings

Alumiguard MFG is a leader in the custom glass railings serving Toronto and other cities in the GTA. We have the necessary experience and the proper education to provide quality and efficient services for all projects, including new house construction and home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking for exterior glass railings or custom glass for your home project trust the experts at Alumiguard MFG. Call us on our phone number (416) 740-7444!

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