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If you think a wood fence is plain or uninteresting, it’s because you haven’t seen the variety of styles we offer. Wood fences are not only great for providing privacy but also for adding character and charm to your home and backyard. In this article, we will discuss various materials, styles, and variations of wood fences that can meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for a classic picket fence or a modern horizontal fence, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the different types of wood fencing options available to you.

Horizontal Fence with Metal Posts

Because they are one of the few fencing solutions that deliver a genuinely modern and contemporary look, horizontal fences continue to gain favor. The length and height of the planks utilized can give your garden a more customized appearance while still offering the seclusion and functionality you would expect.

Horizontal fences can be further personalized with various wood stain colors, much like other types of wood fences. We advise selecting a material in a lighter tone if you’re trying for a modern style so you can take advantage of the natural wood hue.

Horizontal Fence with Wood Posts

For maximum seclusion, a horizontal fence has the wood fence boards stacked closely together, with no room in between. As there are no spaces for animals or children to slither through, it also offers protection to those enjoying outdoor play.

Often, stockade fence pickets are pointed for aesthetic purposes. Cedar and spruce are wood options for horizontal fences. They naturally repel insects. You can pressure treat fences made of spruce or cedar to ward against harmful insects like termites.

Horizontal Wood Fences with Cap & Trim

A horizontal fence with cap and trim has cap pieces that cover the pickets, offering privacy like a stockade fence. It also has a flat piece of wood on top, creating a more refined look and increasing curb appeal.

The pickets’ tops are shielded from rain and moisture, making these fences frequently extremely durable. To alter the appearance, there are several different ornamental caps and accessories to choose from.

Horizontal Fence with Top Slats

A horizontal stockade fence with slats spaces boards or planks to offer some visibility through the fence. You can choose to have slats with planks or pickets of the same width or varying widths, depending on how much visibility you want.

The spaces between the boards allow more natural light into the yard and create an airy feeling compared to a conventional stockade fence, striking a balance between openness and privacy.

If you’re struggling with nosy neighbors and are concerned about the visibility of this particular wood fence style, you can make the fence height taller, reducing its visibility. 

Horizontal Fence with Exposed Black Posts

Wood fencing can last for years and years, especially with steel fence posts – but all that metal can ruin the look of the fence. A cedar fence with exposed black posts provides a durable wooden fence that offers a striking look, both on the outside and inside. 

The fence slats nest together as well for little to no visibility through the fence, giving you the best of privacy, durability, and curb appeal for your home. 

Cedar Privacy Fence

The popularity of cedar privacy fences is still strong, and it’s easy to see why. Cedar is a durable wood. Cedar privacy fences can be further personalized with different picket widths, colors, and fence heights. To take your cedar fence’s appearance to the next level, numerous top embellishments may be added.

Good Neighbor Wood Fences

Do you want to pay for your fence jointly with your neighbor? You might find the solution you’re seeking in a nice neighbor fence.

The fence panels on a good neighbor’s fence rotate on either side of the posts. Regardless of whose side of the issue you are on, this produces a consistent, tidy appearance. If you and your neighbor chose a regular wood fence rather than a good neighbor fence, one neighbor can have the fence’s rear-facing their house, which is not a desirable circumstance.

 Shadow Box Fence

Shadow box fences allow you to adjust seclusion, light, and ventilation. They’re less popular than other wood picket fences. You can control the amount of light and privacy by placing pickets at regular intervals. Shadow box fences offer a unique design and can be customized with various heights and wood stains. For large properties, these kinds of wood fences are a fantastic alternative.

Horizontal Shadowbox

A horizontal shadowbox fence is appropriately called as it is built to create a shadow. Board-on-board fences look great on both sides and can be customized. Unlike stockade fences, they don’t hinge the boards entirely, but still offer seclusion with minimal gaps.

Just enough light can pass through the pickets to produce an unusual contrast between dark and bright. For the front yard, shadowbox fences are particularly popular since they improve curb appeal.

Board on Board Wood Fences

A board-on-board fence can be the ideal fencing option if you’re seeking maximum privacy. Fencing made of boards on boards is exactly what it sounds like.

Stacking fence pickets fills gaps between planks. This maintains privacy despite shrinking boards caused by weather and outdoor factors.

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