Picket railings are a very good choice for a classic fence railings system. They are made out of aluminum mostly and can be very strong and durable. Giving both style and safety, also one of the main benefits picket railings have, is the easy no-effort installation they provide.

If you want a high-quality and luxurious railings system then glass railings in Burlington are the right choice. They can be installed in various parts of the building and will give a unique, slick aesthetic. Any view won’t be disturbed and the safety will be at the top.

Mostly made out of tempered glass, they will be very sturdy, strong, and clear, giving sophisticated looks and maximum protection.

They can be installed in two types. Framed and frameless. The framed ones are glass panels with aluminum or other metallic frame and are the most common. The ones without a frame are just glass panels and look pretty chic and Avant-guard.




  • Easy installation. For picket railings, the most liked thing from customers is the easy installation. It can be done by them DIY with no time or effort.
  • Clear view. As for glass railings, one of the main benefits is the opportunity to create a barrier for protection and also not stopping the stunning view.
  • Easy to no maintenance. Both types of railings are made out of material that once installed, are good to go and require low to almost no maintenance, just occasional cleaning. They are rust and rot-free.
  • Durability and safety. Sturdy glass and aluminum are two of the most durable and safe materials that can be chosen for railings. They are able to tolerate any extreme weather conditions and won’t damage easily.


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