Divider system

ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing (EVONIK)

Fixed on top of concrete slab and wood deck

(Top Mounted)


The ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing (EVONIK) assembled according to Alumiguard MFG standards, are consistent with the regulations of the Ontario Building Code applicable.


     2.1 Components

The ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing (EVONIK) are composed of aluminum posts, alloy 6063-T5 and ACRYLITE Soundstop (EVONIK) panels.

The post AG 001 is extruded in a high-strength aluminum alloy with superior mechanical characteristics. It includes an AG 002 aluminum base for the installation on top of concrete slabs and wood deck allowing a perfect adjustment of each aluminum post. Each component is attached with each other with self-tapping screws.

ACRYLITE Soundstop Panels, 3/4” thick, used in the railing have a sound reduction (STC) of 32 dB or higher by ASTM E90. They have an excellent light transmission, brilliance and have extremely high weather resistance. These panels weight is half of glass and 11 times the impact strength of glass. 100% recyclable. They are inserted into aluminum glass channels AG 008 and kept tight using rubber U-channel extrusions.

Alumiguard MFG standard posts used for ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing are square-shaped of 3” x 3”. Posts and aluminum Bases are covered with Plastic Covers AG 016 which fit the component.

       2.2 ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing finish

The ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing system will be powder-coated with colors to be selected by the customer. Alumiguard MFG standard colour chart comprises White, Warm Beige, Black, Clay, Commercial Brown, Charcoal and Cashmere.

       2.3 Bindings

All anchor bolts and plugs for concrete shall be steel type 316 SS/ 304SS. Self-tapping screws are used for other assemblies and are in stainless steel. Lag screws for wood are in stainless steel, 410 SS/ 304S. Wood blockings under the deck are used to fix the Lag screws. Blind rivets are used to connect the U channels to the posts and flat head screws to connect the panel to the ground

  • Fabrication / Installation

Alumiguard ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing system will be delivered on the job site in pre-assembled elements if the customer requires it and will be installed according to the Alumiguard’s MFG instructions.

  • Height of ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing

The total height of Alumiguard ACRYLITE Soundstop Railing will be (41 ¼ ”) 1048 mm. All the measurements will be taken on the job site before the fabrication is made.

  • Submittals:

Submitted shop drawings will be sealed by a professional engineer and will indicate materials, dimensions, thicknesses, connections, joints method of anchorage, number of anchors, supports details, accessories and relationship to adjacent work.